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Here's the details--Starting on the 3rd of the month and ending on the following 3rd. Every soap loaf you purchase enters you into a drawing for $50 worth of products!!!! The more you purchase the better your chances for winning! Who doesn't LOVE a good contest!

Ex: You purchase 3 loaves between May 3rd and June 3rd your name will be entered 3 times!!!

What an awesome way to start the new month and who doesn't love FREE!!!

Cool Fresh Aloe Vegan Soap Loaf

This cool fresh Aloe soap loaf is a New addition to Scented Gardens Soapworks.  It is wonderful for those with dry, cracked skin, or best for those who are sunburned. This is a Cold Process soap, rich in natural emollients for softer skin. Contains pure Aloe, Moringa oil,  Sweet Almond oil with Vitamin E and A,  Organic Coconut oil,  Sodium Hydroxide,  Safflower oil, Soybean oul, and Tucuma butter. 

Not oily. The scent is a safe skin light fragrance of Aloe. The dye is natural vegetable dye from the Aloe plant.  It's cool, refreshing, makes a great gift. Look for it, on our online Store. 

Lavender & Lemon Hearts

Lavender and Lemon,  Hearts

The perfect, gift, consists of 4, Lavender and Lemon, or Lavender and Chamomile,  heart shaped Vegan soaps, in a basket filled with a Lavender sachet packet, and Bubble bath. 

Grab Bag Surprise!

Grab Bag Surprise worth over $100

We have a Grab Bag Surprise that is filled with over $100 worth of our products, for only $50.00. Makes a great gift anytime of the year. From candles, lotions, soaps, oils, shampoos, to Sugar's a great buy..

Contact us by sending an email to

Peaches and Cream Soaps

Soaps, Soap Loafs, Scrubs, Lotions

Shown here is our Peaches and Cream soap bars. These are cut in one inch bars from our soap loaves. The soap loaves are 9 to 10 inches long, 3.5 inches wide and 3.6 inches high. I usually cut a one inch thickness, which gives me 9 or 10 bars from one loaf. Each loaf contains: Organic Coconut oil, Moringa oil, Whipped Shea butter, a Vegan or Goats milk soap base, vitamin E oil, Tea Tree oil. 

The scrubs are made from organic sugar, the pulp from lemon, or grapefruit or orange fruits, and essential oils. This scrub will leave your face as soft as a baby's bottom.  The sugar acts as exfolliant.  I also have coffee exfolliant and Cucumber Melon exfolliant in 8 oz jars. 

Peaches and cream is a soft and subtle fragrance, which I'm sure you will love. I can mix and match any soap or lotion for you as well. Please text me at:  Thank you. 


Coconut Goats Milk Lotion

Coconut Goat's Milk Lotion

Above, is our Coconut Goats Milk lotion, for those who like coconut. It contains organic Coconut oil, Sweet Almond oil, 20% Goat's milk, Tucuma butter and Moringa oil.  All of our customers love the goats milk lotion, as it's excellent for dry, cracracked skin. Keep a 2 oz size jar in your pocketbook, for those days your hands need a quick massage. This 2 oz jar is free to our customers who order anything listed on our website. 

The coconut lotion is just but one of a large variety of many fragrances available on Scented Gardens Soapworks.  

These include: 

Lavender, Lavender and Lemon,  Lemongrass,  Cherry Almond,  Ocean Breeze, Rose,  Raspberry,  Vanilla,  Rosemary,  Orange Creamsicle,  Cucumber Melon,  Apple Cinnamon,  Unscented,  Pumpkin Spice, Tropical Oasis, Mulberry,  Jasmine, Lilac, Strawberry Swirl,  Watermelon,  Spiced Bay Rum, Yang Ylang, and more. Please ask. 

These and items posted on this site can be obtained by emailing

Thank you. 


Lavender..Vegan Soaps


Our Lavender vegan/goats milk soaps are said to have a relaxing and calming effect in your bath or shower. A few of our customers tell us their children bath with it, to give them a good night's sleep, and to calm them down after a busy day.

Our soap bars are a full 5 oz, size, and comes in a package of 3, or you could buy one. Each bar sells for 4.75. Please contact us at for more info, or check out our small online store. 

Pure Essential Oils..

Our fragrant Soy Candles.

Our Valentine's candle set..and more

Beeswax Lotions and Soaps

Something New..Beeswax Honey        Soaps and Lotions.

We have been adding Beeswax to our lotions, which actually encapsulates, the ingredients in the lotion, as well as protecting your skin. Much like an umbrella eliminating water, or other elements away from you. 

We also have added it In some of our soaps, and still keeping it's rich lather. The fragrance is none other than Mountain Honey essential oils. 

A small package of our beeswax soaps, contain 3 slim bars, 4 oz each, for 10.99. Lotions are 8 oz and sells for 12.99

Contact for more info. A free 2 oz jar of lotion included with any sale. 


All ducks lined up in a row..a variety

Our store..a Variety of Soaps, Lotions

Bath Exfolliants...Salts

Bath Salts..Scrubs..Exfolliants

Available are our exclusive Himalyan, Bath Salts. An exfolliant, when used with our exfolliant wash coths, seems to reach the toughest dry skin areas, least likely to get to. Leaves your body fresh, new, when used with our After Wash oils and lotions.  For more info email us at

Our Lip Scrubs are Awesome.

Cherry Lip Balm..

Lip Balms..Scrubs

What's a more delicious way to soften your dry cracked lips? Of course, our Lip balms, made with pure coconut oil and flavor extracts. 

Soaps, bath salts, bubble bath, lotion

Handmade Washcloth Set

Our Handmade Washcloth Set

Our handmade, soft cotton washcloth set, ( 3),  comes with a ceramic hand bowl, three lemon and lavender heart vegan soaps, a nail scrubber and a small teakwood soap holder. Sells for 19.99. Contact us at for more info. 

Our Soft, Lush, Towel Set

Bath and Body Towel Set

Our soft cotton, plush towels, are certainly something you'd never think of seeing on Scented Gardens. We want to offer our customers a wide variety of bath and body products, while keeping our soaps, lotions, and scrubs inviting and interesting to everyone. It's like bread and butter, or peanut butter and jelky, when you think of your bath products from Scented Gardens,  your going to think of more than soaps or bath bombs. What a better way to start ab new year, with a variety of bath products. Keep in mind, we will always keep our customers informed of new items each month. We welcome you to shop our online store, join our Facebook group, become one of our testers, receive our free newsletter each month, join in on our contests, and more. Thank you so very much for stopping in to visit. We greatly appreciate your patronage.


Martha Ivery, owner


Our Very Berry Collection

Our Rose Sprays and Oils

KIWI Massage oil..

Lotions, oils, and beeswax soaps

Contact Us Thru Email

My Sunflower..

As i work on striving to make this website enjoying, I ask you to be patient with the online store, I still have so much to add to it. I also ask that if you're interested in buying from Scented Gardens Soapworks,  to kindly contact me thru my email of

Or you can message me thru Messenger, or join my fb group Scented Gardens Soapworks.  

Thank you for stopping by. 

Sincerely, Martha 

Cupcake Frosted Soaps

Lemon Patchouli Poppyseed

Lemon Patchouli Poppyseed w/CBD

Lemon Patchouli Poppyseed soap loaf. Patchouli Is an acquired fragrance, I remember it back in the 60's, or Woodstock days. This soap loaf is a large 2.5 lbs. This loaf is different in its contents, because it contains CBD oil or Hemp oil, used in the aid of muscle aches, lupus, or any inflammatory condition concerning muscles or skin. This soap loaf also contains organic Coconut ojl, aloe, and Vitamin E oil. It brings a rich creamy lather with it. It sells for 29.99. 

Other fragrances available. Special requests for CBD, oil, contact me directly thru

Thank you. 

Our Mud Bath..

The Ultimate Mud Bath

Last but not least is our Tahitian, Mud Bath. It's great in the shower for your feet, or in a foot bath. We acquired this from our distributor, who sells to massage parlors and beauty salons. It contains dry mud from volcanic ash, coconut oil, saffron oil, and Moringa oil. It comes dry, like sand, when added to water, it expands. Leaves your toes and bottoms of feet silky smooth and soft. Comes in a 12 oz container, and sells for 22.95. Email me for free samples. Thank you. 

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Lemongrass & Cherry Almond

Buy Wholesale Loaves, Make A Profit

 Our Cherry Almond & Lemongrass is another one of our favorites. We use safe skin dyes, for soapmaking, as well as fragrances. This is a Special technique in making these swirls. Everytime we make swirls in our soaps, each one comes out different. 


Cotton Candy Bath Bombs..Large

 We'd be glad to help you with your fundraiser, as well as donate some nice items. Please contact us at

Thank you. 

Bay Rum Spice Shave Soap

 This Is a picture of our newest arrival of a Shaving Set, which includes a Straight razor, like my father and grandpa used. Along with our own Bay Rum Spice shaving soap, and extra razors.